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About Journey

You have most likely come here from the website, https://kokua.family.

This Wiki is dedicated to helping you use Journey. However, Journey uses a Programming Framework we call Kōkua. It is a Framework of Software to help people develop meaningful full databases for their Group, Organisation, Business. Find out more about the Kōkua FrameWork here.


Journey got started from the idea of wanting to help travellers with families.

At any given time, there are likely to be a few million people travelling the globe, on a gap year, an OE, as Sun Downer.

So one aspect of Journey is to connect these people with Families ding intersting things. For the traveller to swap some of their sweat for a bed and food.

This can be some thing that is done loosely, as a fimily, a farm, a location you may onlyhave one ro two travellers at a time. Or maybe as a more dedicated location, you have have a number of people coming and going.


A prime idea is that we all have a journey with Jesus.

Some people have a more defined journey, others may just be stating out and others may not know it yet.

It would seem that Jesus comes in many flavours, and the thing we all get involved, in our journey, is to refine our understanding of Jesus from a cultural, bibilcal and histrocial points of view.

As iron sharpens iron, so we sharpen one another.

Some times that sharpening process can be a little blunt, but that also is a thing we all need to develope in our Journey.

Deplomacy:the art of telling some one to take a hike, such that they look forward to the trip.

In Journey we want to mix the generations.

We want to mix the cutlrures.

We want to mix backgrounds.


Register for Journey here: If we are moving in to an echo chamber world, an cancel culture society, a shadow banning technology, they Journey is amed to overcome these things. To register we we do not use a multi-registation system. Onlike some sites where you can login with your Facebook Profile or Google Profile, and these tech company then know all about your business, Journey asks you to make a whole new profile.

Also you will never see an ad on Journey.

We may show a random Ohana or Hui from time to time, but no outside ads.

We will never sell your data.

What happens on Journey stays on Journey.

How ever we would really apprciate it if you would register. It's $10.00 a year. The difference between registered and unregistered is:

Unregistered Registered
Can be a Kōkua Can be a Kōkua
Can create an Ohana Can create an Ohana
Can create Ohana Share Can create Ohana Share
Can create a Kula Can create a Kula
Can create a Hui Can create a Hui
Your Ohana can have only 10 members Your Ohana can have unlimited members
You can only belong to 3 Ohana You can belong to unlimited Ohana
Your Hui can have unlimited users Your Hui can have unlimited users
Hui Database Costs. Hui Database Costs.