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Welcome to your Journey.

The first thing you want to do is Register and become a Kōkua. [1]

Kōkua is a Hawaiian word that means to help, to pitch in, to give your love.

When you first come into Journey you get to set up your Kōkua profile, this is specifically aimed at people that are looking at traveling, looking at giving a hand.

Even if your intent is to create an Ohana, do fill out your Kōkua profile.


The idea for Journey came from our interactions with travellers in New Zealand. We would have them come and stay with us on our farm, they would so some work in exchange for food and lodging. We realised that there are travellers every where, and we wanted to offer some thing abit more intentinial, and interesting.

We have may friends and people we know that are involved in Aquaponics, Natural Farming, Radio Broadcasting, Community Medical Care, Sustanable Development, Clean Water, Sheep Farming, Training, and the list goes on.

As a traveller we want tohelp you get connected with these people.

To maybe receive some informal traning.

To explore oppertunities for what you want to do with the next 60 years.

Come on in, register here and start a new Journey.

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You can reset your Password here. https://kokua.family/reset-password

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Or settings are here https://kokua.family/settings

It is interesting to note that the word wiki is also Hawaiian, coming from the idea of wiki-wiki, meaning very quickly. [2]


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